Test render of Ross

So, according to your comments, it looks like most of you prefer the good old 2D version of the characters. The reason seems to be that these 3D characters look lifeless and boring, while the old ones are funky, crisp and fun. I couldn’t agree more, but the reason is, i believe, simply in the colors. I’m working in having brighter, crisper and flatter colors in the 3D version too: the ultimate goal is that it will look like exactly like the 2D one, except that the potential is much broader: the limit is the sky! And who knows if someday there will be a Geek Hero animated movie! =)

I hope I’ll manage to find the time, in next few days, to write an article about the history of Geek Hero and how my programmer’s mindset influences my drawing: this is, after all, a comic written and drawn by a programmer, and you would expect that programmers’ innate attitude towards optimization would have a say, in all this!

In the meantime, I modeled Ross in 3D. Again, keep in mind that there’s a lot of work to be done with the colors, the lights, the materials, the overall look & feel! Here it is:

Ross in 3D (click for larger image)

Ross in 3D(click for larger image)

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