New poll: do you think it’s worth it to translate Geek Hero to other languages?

Hello folks, I thought I wouldn’t mind hearing your opinion about something. I’m thinking about providing translated versions of the website and, of course, the comic strip. Considering that the image below represents the current distribution of your languages, do you think it’s worth spending time translating things and adding support for it to the website?

Languages of the readers

Languages of the readers

About 84% is English. The runners up are German, French, Italian and Spanish. Remember that the current language distribution might mean two things:

1) Most of your readers speak English anyway, so don’t bother translating.

2) OMG! So little visitors with non-English Operating Systems! You have to translate to improve that!

So which one do you think it is? Please vote in this new poll that’s now visible in the polls box on the right side of the website.

Thank you!

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- instead weren't so impressed.

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