Off for holidays next week: guest strip anyone?

Hello everybody! As I will be visiting my family for Christmas next week, I can’t promise I will be able to post all 3 updates. This is where you people come handy (I’m kidding, you’re handy anyway!): anyone fancies making a guest strip? Making one is really easy: you need Inkscape and the past strips in SVG format, that you can find here. I will upload the latest ones tonight (they are preferred, of course, to keep the look consistent). You also need the same font that I use, that you can find here.
Just open any of the files with Inkscape and start modifying around. I’m sure it doesn’t take long to pick up the basics of using Inkscape. Feel free to email me if you are making a strip and need Inkscape help! :-)

The rules for contributing are simple: there are no rules! If I receive multiple submissions, I’ll pick the funniest ones, and the rest will go to a Guest Strips section that I will create in the website. You can create a special out-of-the-story-line strip, if you wish, or you can take advantage of me being away by taking over the story! I have ideas of course, but technically speaking everything is open. What’s at the end of the secret passage? Are you up to the challenge?

Eagerly waiting for your submissions, I wish a Merry Christmas to all of You!

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