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A Google bug?

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Thought I share with you guys something just happened. It looked like for a minute all the Google searches on the Finnish site ( said, for each result, that “This page might harm your computer”. Sorry I didn’t manage to grab a screenshot of the English version, perhaps the bug didn’t affect it.

Have a look at the screen shot, and note how it says “Tämä sivusto voi vahingoittaa tietokonettasi,” that is “This page might harm your computer.”


Planning website layout redesign

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Hello folks!
I have analysed some traffic statistics, and guess what? None of you has a screen resolution lower than 1024×768 (except people coming from iPhone and other little mobile devices — only 0.93% though), so I decided that it’s time to perform some changes on the layout of the website. Really nothing major at all, don’t worry, but I’d like to make the strip larger. So be ready to have an upgrade of all the strip from a width of 730px to one of 900!

Of course if any of you savvy people has suggestions, they’re more than welcome. I may be a software engineer, but, like our Randie, I code C so I’m not that fluent with web technologies like HTML and CSS.

As always, thanks a lot for the help and support, you’re a wonderful community! :-)

No comic today

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Sorry folks, today I’m not able to post a comic. I’m sure that Randie is helping Ted and Annie get rid of their bondages, and then they’re all on their way in the dark tunnel back to the basement where they were working. I wonder what Ross and Bob have been up to! Can you imagine those two left alone with the source code? What atrocities have they committed? :-) You will find out next week!