A Wonderful Present

So, today is my birthday, and I got an amazing present from my girlfriend Tanja. Ok, ok, fiancée (she’s reading!). Anyway, it looks like she’s worked like crazy to put together a little book with the first year of Geek Hero! Can you imagine that?

Check some pictures (click for larger version):

Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, I still need to get a new camera at some point.

Anyway, the idea of a book for Geek Hero actually sounds great. Having it in my hands feels really good, so I think soon I should make one. Would you guys be interested? I should try to squeeze in some extras, some written stories from the Geek Hero’s Universe, an autograph, things like these.

Let me know. And let me know if you want to send flowers to Tanja for when her birthday comes :-)

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