Design/usability suggestion wanted!

Hi folks! I know that many of you know what it takes to make a usable and pleasant website, so I’m turning to you for a suggestion.

I was thinking about 3 improvements:

  1. Replace the LOVE HATE TALK box below the comic strip with something that actually tells how many up or down votes the comic got, and how many comments.
  2. Have a thin but wide enough text entry below that strip, called “Quick comment”.
  3. Have a way to show the few most recent comments in the comic page.

Now what troubles me is the last one, because I wanna keep the design simple and uncluttered, and possibly avoid fancy JQuery animations.

My idea so far is something like this:

                        |<   <   >   >|
                Tags: Boris, Radie, whatever
| Quick comment
  Recent comments (see all):
    user3: lol, very funny!
    user2: This comic sucks.
    user1: Whatever.

“Quick comment” would be grayed out and deleted when the user starts to type. When he’s done, his comment would replace the first of the recent ones.

“see all” is a link to the Talk page for that strip.

Now I need to hear your suggestions and thoughts! So click here to comment!

- people liked this quite much.

- instead weren't so impressed.

- even cared to give a comment.

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