Randall Monroe, Randie for the friends, is the main character. He’s a geek, he loves it, everybody else either loves it too, or just doesn’t understand it.
Ted sits right in front of Randie, at the office. He’s a kind of clueless web programmer who doesn’t know much about hacking. Also, he’s a bit lazy and doesn’t care about much. Still he’s a good friend.
Annie is the CEO of the company. She always smiles and seem really nice. Also, she’s the only woman in the whole company. She might have a crush on Randie, we don’t really know. What’s rather sure, instead, is that Randie is going head over heels for her, even though he can’t admit it.
Ross is a former Visual Basic programmer who actually works as CEO’s assistant, but is desperately trying to steal Randie’s job. Beware his afro hair!
Bob is the new manager. Of course he’s clueless. Of course he doesn’t know anything about anything, but since he’s got 20 years experience in nobody knows what, he thinks he can tell people what to do. And how to do it.
Boris is the new hacker in the team. He’s russian, he’s perfect, he’s a coding machine. His code is said to never ever have bugs. And he behaves like he knows it. He’s the most arrogant person you can imagine, and he beat up Ross for daring to touch his holy code.