Why donate?

Since July 2009, I have decided to remove advertisement from this website, for the simple reason that the layout looks just so much better without the clutter introduced by the ad boxes. Also, to be frank, the income that they generated was minimal, and, most of the time, not even enough to compensate the hosting expenses. So I have decided to try and change the support model for Geek Hero, and move to a donation based one. As you can imagine, working on this comic takes me a lot of time every day, and while I enjoy this, it would be a good idea to try to make Randie, Ted and Boris help me with the bills :-)

As a small incentive, for every donation you will get the month’s wallpaper. That’s a piece of art (yeah, right) crafted with the top of my abilities, and, if you want, overlayed with a small calendar for the current month. Every month I’ll make a new one and I’ll personally email it to you as a thank you note for your donation.

If you care about supporting Geek Hero so that Randie and the others can live forever, please send your small donation by clicking the button below. You can use PayPal, or the supported credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Thank you,