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Wallpaper of the month: September 2009

Monday, August 24th, 2009

The wallpaper for September 2009 will start a series dedicated to Extreme Programming. Are you ready for some action? Check out this preview!

Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming

Please donate any amount (click here to know why you should), and remember to specify your email address, the desired size for the wallpaper and whether you want the little calendar on it or not, and I’ll email it to you. Randie, Ted, Boris, Ross and everybody thank you for your support!

Design/usability suggestion wanted!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Hi folks! I know that many of you know what it takes to make a usable and pleasant website, so I’m turning to you for a suggestion.

I was thinking about 3 improvements:

  1. Replace the LOVE HATE TALK box below the comic strip with something that actually tells how many up or down votes the comic got, and how many comments.
  2. Have a thin but wide enough text entry below that strip, called “Quick comment”.
  3. Have a way to show the few most recent comments in the comic page.

Now what troubles me is the last one, because I wanna keep the design simple and uncluttered, and possibly avoid fancy JQuery animations.

My idea so far is something like this:

                        |<   <   >   >|
                Tags: Boris, Radie, whatever
| Quick comment
  Recent comments (see all):
    user3: lol, very funny!
    user2: This comic sucks.
    user1: Whatever.

“Quick comment” would be grayed out and deleted when the user starts to type. When he’s done, his comment would replace the first of the recent ones.

“see all” is a link to the Talk page for that strip.

Now I need to hear your suggestions and thoughts! So click here to comment!